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Concept | Experience freedom through a new way of communication.'s Concept | play Dream, Connecting Dream, Play Real
play Dream
Enter into a world of possibilities you only dreamed of
Connecting Dream
See how SK Telecom’s technologies are turning dreams into realities
Play Real
Get hands on experience of SK Telecom’s latest technologies and services was designed to embody increasing ‘Degrees of Freedom’, enabling users to create individualized experiences and contents.
Instead of scenario-based experiences with pre-made contents, Experience Center provides each visitor with a unique experience based on the personal taste and information entered into the device.

Experience freedom through a new way of communication

The space exhibits a concept of ‘Generative Design’. The colors and shapes of Integrated Identity in each section of the space were designed to interact and respond in dynamic ways to each visitor. Music and sound effects are also improved real time to your movements.


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