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Vision | Passion & Innovation, Bringing future technologies to everyday life

A Future World filled with Wonders, where Today’s Possibilities become Tomorrow’s Reality

SK Telecom has enriched the lives of millions from around the world with its cutting-edge ICT and has achieved numerous breakthroughs such as ushering in the age of first-generation analogue cellular system in Korea and launching the world's first CDMA, HSDPA, and LTE-Advanced networks.

SK Telecom’s vision is to spread happiness around the world by connecting people with its industry-leading technologies. represents SK Telecom's passion and innovation for realizing future technologies today.

Get a preview of the future in the Play Dream section and a close look at SK Telecom's current representative services in the Play Real section.

Discover how SK Telecom’s passion and innovation deliver new values to the world through the convergence of technology and industry, and how your dreams are coming true at

Where SK Telecom’s Past, Present and Future Co-exist

Where SK Telecom’s Past, Present and Future Co-exist

Play Dream
SK Telecom’s vision for the future
Future Life Services
A smarter world based on SK Telecom’s advanced technologies
Play Real
SK Telecom’s latest technologies and services
Market Test Bed
Synergies created through partnerships


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